The Bartlett 4th of July Festival has sponsorship opportunities this year!‚Äč

The Bartlett 4th of July Festival is the premier summer festival in Bartlett and the surrounding area that will see approximately 15,000 people attend our celebration. This year's 4-day festival is the 33rd annual celebration organized, managed and funded by volunteer Bartlett residents as the Bartlett Fourth of July Committee, NFP with the support of our valued partners; Village of Bartlett, Bartlett Park District and the Bartlett Fire Protection District.

Taxpayers money is limited to: the Village making a contribution towards the fireworks, Public Works providing site electrical generators and a temporary traffic signal and Police Dept providing police protection.  Park District employees assist with site preparation, site maintenance during the fest and post-fest site remediation.  The Fire District provides emergency medical services during the fest and various inspections.  

You now have an opportunity to get your name out in front of those attending the festival.  All revenues generated at the fest are used to pay the expenses for the fest the following year.  All sponsorship dollars will be used to help ensure the ongoing improvement and success of the fest for our residents.  For example, with increased revenue we can hire more top tier bands and enhance our fantastic fireworks display.    

The attached form outlines the sponsorship offerings.

If interested, please reach out via Contact Us - Sponsorships

The committee is also always looking for volunteers to help with the fest.